As we create new gear and run our global business, we work to minimize our environmental impact, create positive social impact, and be transparent about areas where we can do better. In addition, we aim to give back to the communities in which we operate, lifting causes that get people moving. Doing what’s right for people and the planet is a lifelong race.

Working toward sustainability is a journey, and while we’ve taken a number of important steps, we are acutely aware that we’ve only just begun. For us, there is no finish line. We’re continually looking to evolve our strategic approach to ensure alignment with key social and environmental issues.

Our Goal is to treat all employees and partners fairly and with respect. We are continually seeking methods to improve workplace conditions, worker well-being, and to strengthen supplier partnerships.

We are strongly committed to understanding our impacts and improving workplace conditions. Our strategy and approach to managing our Fair Labor programs has evolved beyond ‘check the box’ audits and monitoring. We know that effective management systems and strong root cause analysis are key elements towards achieving sustainable progress.

Moving The Environment Forward
Environmentally Sustaining Product and Facilities. Treading lightly on limited resources, striving for zero waste in what we do, and what we make, and assessing the lifecycle impacts of our products and activities.

Moving Forward Together
Investments In People. Creating a safe and healthy work environment that foster learning and development, advances sustainable business practices, operates with integrity and humanity and contributes to the health and well-being of our clients and communities.

Moving Forward/Giving Back
Our Philanthropy & Community. Driving sustainable change through giving, grants and volunteerism in the global communities we serve.

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