Soccer Ball: Thermal Bonded, Hand Stitched, or Machine Stitched?

The technology for making soccer ball (football) played a crucial role in determining the quality, performance, time to be made, and price. Many people are wondering if they should opt for thermal bonded balls, hand stitched balls, or machine stitched balls. To help you find the perfect match when you purchase them here is our most detailed resource about the different technologies.

The Difference Between a Latex, Butyl and Synthetic Rubber (SR) Bladder

Bladder is one of the most important elements of a football (soccer), which can affect the football in all different ways from air pressure, bounce of the ball, flight, shape and weight of the ball. There are mainly 3 types of bladder that a football can possess - a latex bladder, a butyl bladder and a synthetic rubber bladder. This plays an important role in what use the ball is recommended for.